Squier Guitar Range Explained: All the Different Guitars

Squier are the sister company of Fender and produce affordable and entry-level electric guitars. There are several guitars in the range, all with varying features and price points, often making it difficult for new guitarists to choose their first guitar. In this article, I’ll compare all the models in the Squier range so you can choose the best option for you.

The Quick Answer

There are 6 main series in the Squier guitar range: Bullet, Affinity, Contemporary, 50’s Classic Vibe, 60’s Classic Vibe and 70’s Classic Vibe. The prices range from around $180-$500. There are several iconic shapes available including the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Mustang, Jazzmaster and Jaguar.

There are loads of guitars in the Squier line-up, and the best way to split them up is by the series, which is based on the cost and specifications. There are then several different shapes of electric guitar within each series to consider.

Within each series, you will find Telecasters and Stratocasters, as well as some others such as Mustang’s, Jazzmaster’s and Jaguar’s, depending on the specific series.

Comparing Squier Guitars

Here is a table comparing the 6 main ranges in the Squier lineup in terms of price, body wood, and the models available within the range.

Squier SeriesAverage PriceBody WoodModels Available
Bullet$180PoplarStratocaster, Telecaster, Mustang,
Affinity$250PoplarStratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster
Contemporary$400AlderTelecaster, Stratocaster
Classic Vibe 50’s$430Pine/ PoplarStratocaster, Telecaster
Classic Vibe 60’s$430Nato/ PoplarStratocaster, Telecaster, Mustang, Jazzmaster, Jaguar
Classic Vibe 70’s$430PoplarStratocaster, Telecaster, Mustang, Jazzmaster, Jaguar
Squier range of guitars compared.

There are 5 main guitar shapes available in the Squier range: Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jaguar, Mustang and Jazzmaster. These are all based on the original Fender versions of the guitars.

Let’s take a look at each guitar type compared against each other.

Squier GuitarPickupsBridgeBody ShapeControls
Stratocaster3 single coilsTremoloDouble-cutaway2 tone, 1 volume
Telecaster2 single coilsFixedSingle-cutaway1 tone, 1 volume
Jazzmaster2 P90’sTremoloDouble-cutaway1 tone, 1 volume
Jaguar2 single coilsTremoloDouble cutaway1 tone, 1 volume
Mustang2 single coilsTremoloDouble-cutaway1 tone, 1 volume
Popular Squier guitar shapes compared

Squier Stratocaster

Squier Telecaster

Squier Jaguar

Squier Mustang

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The Squier Range

So as well as there being 5 different guitar shapes available in the Squier range, there are also 6 different tiers which vary based on their price and specifications. Telecasters and Stratocasters are available in all 6 tiers, but some guitar shapes can only be found in some tiers.

Tiers of Squier Guitars:

  • Bullet (cheapest)
  • Affinity
  • Contemporary
  • Classic Vibe (50’s, 60’s and 70’s)

Let’s take a look at each level of Squier guitar individually.

Squier Bullet Series

The Bullet series is the cheapest in the Squier range and includes Telecaster, Stratocaster and Mustang shapes. The necks are made from maple in a standard C-shape. These guitars have thin, light-weight bodies and lower quality hardware compared to the more expensive models.

Amazon links to Squier Bullet guitars:

Check out my comparison between the Squier Affinity and Bullet series guitars.

Squier Affinity Series

The Affinity series is the second cheapest in the Squier range and includes Stratocaster, Telecaster and Jazzmaster shapes. All Stratocasters in the Affinity series have a traditional tremolo bridge.

Amazon links to Squier Affinity guitars:

Check out my comparison of the Squier Affinity and Classic Vibe series to learn about the differences.

Squier Contemporary Series

The Squier Contemporary series features mainly Stratocaster and Telecaster shapes with contrasting features to traditional versions. They often have humbucker or active pickups, and unique colour designs as well as a slimmer neck.

Amazon links to Squier Contemporary guitars:

Squier Classic Vibe Series

The Classic Vibe series is the most expensive in the Squier line-up. They are based on the traditional Fender versions of the guitars in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s time periods and are aimed at intermediate-level players.

The differences between 50’s, 60’s and 70’s Classic Vibe Squier guitars primarily comes down to the tone wood used and colour options available. They are all similar in price.

Amazon links to Squier Classic Vibe guitars:

Check out my comparison of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s Classic Vibe models to learn about the differences.

What are the Similarities?

Despite the guitars in each Squier series costing varying amounts, there are some common things seen across the Squier brand:

  • Pretty much all the guitars are made in either China or Indonesia.
  • Most guitars have a maple C-shape neck.
  • Similar finishes and colour options can be seen throughout the range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some more questions you may still have about the Squier guitar range.

What is the difference between Fender and Squier?

Fender guitars are made from better materials and are produced in more limited quantities than Squier guitars which are mass-produced. Fender guitars start at around $750, Squier guitars range between $150-500. Fender’s are made in America and Mexico and Squier’s are often made in China and Indonesia.

Check out my comparison between the most expensive Squier and cheapest Fender to learn more.

Which Squier guitar is best?

The best guitars in the Squier range are in the Classic Vibe series. These more closely mimic the more expensive Fender versions and are made from better quality materials than Squier guitars in the Affinity and Bullet ranges.

How do I know what kind of Squier I have?

Squier Classic Vibe guitars can be identified by the smaller vintage logo on the headstock. The Contemporary series will usually have at least one humbucker pickup. Bullet series Stratocasters can be identified by the hardtail bridge, whereas others in the range have a tremolo bridge.

Why are Squier guitars so cheap?

Squier guitars are cheap because they are usually mass produced in factories in China and Indonesia. They are produced from cheaper tone wood, hardware and pickups to help reduce the overall cost of the guitar to between $150-500.

Do any professional guitarists use Squier guitars?

Famous professional guitarists who have used Squier guitars include Kurt Cobain, Jeff Healey, Jack Pearson, Graham Coxon, Pete Wentz and John Mayall.

I’ve written a complete buyer’s guide for electric guitars which takes you through all the things you need to consider and a step-by-step method to narrowing down your selection and choosing the best option. Here is a link to the article.

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