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My favourite guitar (PRS SE Custom 24)

About Pro Sound HQ

I’m Heather, the person behind Pro Sound HQ. I’ve created this website to help answer as many guitar related questions as I can, using the things I’ve learnt over the past 15 years. 

I was given my first electric guitar for my birthday back in 2005, a Squier Stratocaster, in candy apple red, with a Marshall MG15G starter amplifier. 

Like most beginners I struggled for quite a while and put it down for years before finally picking it back up again around 15 years ago where I put in the time and effort to learn properly

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The Pro Sound HQ brand first began with this website where I aim to share all that I’ve learnt over the past 15 years of playing the electric, acoustic and bass guitar.

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Learning the guitar by yourself can be a frustrating process. In the beginning it can feel like you’re not making any progress at all, and even if you have a bit of experience under your belt, it can be hard to have any direction or goal when you’re practicing so improvements become slow.

I’ve been a member of Guitareo for over a year now and despite having played the guitar for over a decade, I still find myself learning new things with their online courses and I wish I’d have had access to it when I was a complete beginner. The link below is an affiliate link to Guitareo so if you make a purchase after clicking the link then I may receive at no extra cost to you.