Best Amps for a Telecaster: 5 Options for Great Tones

If you want to get the most out of your Telecaster then you’ll need to pair it with a good amp which complements it.

In this article I’ll take you through 5 amplifiers that are perfect for Fender and Squier Telecasters. And don’t worry if your budget is on the smaller side, there’s still some great options on this list.

Best Amps for a Telecaster

  • Fender Blues Junior IV
  • Vox AC15/ AC30
  • Marshall Origin
  • Fender ’65 Twin Reverb
  • Fender Champion
FeatureFender Blues Junior IVVox AC SeriesMarshall OriginFender ’65 Twin ReverbFender Champion
Head/ ComboComboEither  EitherCombo Combo
Power Options20W4W, 10W, 15W, 30W20W, 50W85W 20W, 40W, 50W, 100W 
Channels1 or 2 
EQ3-Band  2-Band3-Band 3-Band 2 or 3-Band 
Effects ReverbReverb
FX Loop No30W OnlyYes No100W Only 
Aux In/Out No NoNo NoYes 
Pre-Amp Valves 3 x 12AX73 x 12AX7 3 x ECC834 x 12AX7 and 2 x 12AT7N/A
Power-Amp Valves 2 x EL822 x EL842 X EL34 4 x 6L6N/A

Fender Blues Junior IV

The Fender Blues Junior IV needs little introduction. It’s a very iconic amp which gives you those classic Fender cleans. It’s not a huge amplifier, and for a high-quality tube amp, it doesn’t come with a super high price tag either so it’s a good option if you’re looking to step up from a solid-state amp.

Key Features

  • 15W Combo Amp
  • 1 x 12″ Celestion A-Type Speaker
  • 3 x 12AX7 Pre-Amp Tubes
  • 2 x EL82 Power-Amp Tubes
  • Single Channel
  • Built-In Reverb
  • 3-Band EQ and Fat Switch

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Why It Works Well with a Tele

The Blues Junior IV sounds great with a Telecaster, especially if you prefer lightly overdriven tones. It’s a mid-sized combo so has a decent bit of headroom but it’s still suitable for home-use if you’re looking for some smooth and warm overdrive.

The built-in reverb sounds exactly like you’d expect from a Fender and the amp also takes pedals very well if you want to add some more distortion or additional effects. If you use your Telecaster for blues and classic rock then this amplifier is ideal.

Check the current price of the Fender Blues Junior IV on Amazon.

Check out this YouTube video to hear the Fender Blues Junior and Telecaster in action.

Vox AC Series

The Vox AC series features head and combo amps of different sizes, but the most popular are the AC15 and the AC30. The AC30 in particular is very loud and perfect for gigging, but the AC15 is better for smaller venues and is pretty loud when you place a mic in front.

Key Features

  • 4W/ 10W, 15W or 30W Combo
  • 15W or 30W Head
  • 1 or 2 x 12″ Celestion Alnico Blue/ Celestion G12M Greenback Speaker
  • 3 x 12AX7 Pre-Amp Valves
  • 2 x EL84 Power-Amp Valves
  • Bass, Treble and Tone Cut Controls
  • Reverb and Tremolo Effects
  • FX Loop on 30W versions

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Why It Works Well with a Tele

One of the most popular amp and guitar combinations for classic rock is a Vox AC and a Tele. The Vox AC15 and AC30 break-up very nicely and produce warm and smooth overdrive which works really well with the bridge pickup on a Tele.

The clean tones and bright and chimey and you get quite a bit of headroom if you go with an AC30. I’d recommend this amp for Tele players who like vintage overdriven tones and play mostly classic rock and blues.

Check the current price of the Vox AC30 on Amazon.

Check out this YouTube video to hear the Vox AC30 and Telecaster in action.

Check out my comparison between the Vox AC15 and Vox AC30.

Marshall Origin

The Marshall Origin series features 20W and 40W head and combo amps which are designed to emulate the classic Plexi tones of the ’60s. It doesn’t come packed with features and effects, but it does have an FX loop which is great if you plan on using modulation, delay and reverb pedals.

Key Features

  • 20W/ 40W Head or Combo
  • 1 x 10” Celestion VT-Junior or 1 x 12” Celestion G12N-60 Midnight 60 Speaker
  • 3 x ECC83 Pre-Amp Valves
  • 2 x EL34 Power-Amp Valves
  • Single Channel
  • 3-Band EQ, Presence, Boost and Tilt
  • Power Reduction Control
  • FX Loop Built-In

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Why It Works Well with a Tele

If you’re looking for some more overdrive and crunch from your bridge pickup then the Marshall Origin will be a great pairing with your Telecaster.

Although the clean tones still sound good with this combination, it really excels when you crank things up. You’ll get a pretty heavy and crunchy tone which is perfect for classic rock lead tones. If you like saturated, high-gain tones that still sound nice and clear then you’ll probably be a fan of this pairing.

Check the current price of the Marshall Origin 20C on Amazon.

Check out this YouTube video to hear the Marshall Origin and Telecaster in action.

Fender ’65 Twin Reverb

The Fender ’65 Twin Reverb is the most expensive, and loudest amp on this list and packs 85W of valve power. It is a brilliant option if you are looking to take your Tele out gigging, but it’s not suitable for home-use unless you don’t mind getting an attenuator to make it playable at lower volumes.

Key Features

  • 85W Combo Amp
  • 2 x 12″ Jensen C-12K Speakers
  • 4 x 12AX7 and 2 x 12AT7 Pre-Amp Valves
  • 4 x 6L6 Power-Amp Tubes
  • Two Channels
  • 3-Band EQ
  • Tremolo and Vibrato Effects

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Why It Works Well with a Tele

If you’re after those sparkly Fender cleans and play a lot on the neck pickup, then the ’65 Twin Reverb will be very suitable. If you crank things up you’ll also get a fair amount of gain but you’ll struggle to use this amp at lower volumes without an attenuator.

If you need an amp for gigging and primarily use clean tones or want a good pedal platform then this pairing will suit you well.

Check the current price of the Fender ’65 Twin Reverb on Amazon.

Check out this YouTube video to hear the Fender ’65 Twin Reverb and Telecaster in action.

Fender Champion

The Fender Champion series consists of solid-state amplifiers aimed at beginners and players with a lower budget. The 20W version is great for home-use, whereas the 100W version is brilliant for gigging as it gets very loud. You get plenty of effects built-in which makes it great for players who don’t want to invest in loads of pedals.

Key Features

  • Solid-State Technology
  • 20W, 40W, 50W and 100W Combo Versions
  • Single Channel on 20W, Dual-Channel on Larger Amps
  • 9 Built-In Effects
  • FX-Loop on 100W Version
  • All models have AUX In/Out

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Why It Works Well with a Tele

This amp works great for beginners who are looking for versatility. With the range of effects built-in to this amplifier, you’ll be able to get plenty of different tones out of your Telecaster and really have fun figuring out what it’s capable of.

Check the current price of the Fender Champion 20 on Amazon.

Check out this YouTube video to hear the Fender Champion 100XL and Telecaster in action.


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