On this page, I’ll list some of my favourite electric guitar amplifiers that I either use currently, or have used in the past. So let’s jump into the list!

Beginner's Amplifier

Marshall MG15G

The Marshall MG15G was the first amplifier I ever used. It’s a compact, lightweight solid-state amplifier that’s built for beginners. There are two channels (clean and crunch), volume and tone controls. It’s a 15W amp, so it’s actually pretty loud, but it’s best used as a practise amplifier. 

Check out the Marshall MG15G on Guitar Center

Solid State Amplifier

Blackstar core id

I use this Blackstar Core ID all the time because it has pretty much every feature you could ever need. It’s got tonnes of built in effects including delay, reverb, chorus and flanger. There are also 6 channels and presets so it’s great for beginners who don’t really know there way around amp settings yet. 

It’s the perfect practise amp for me because you can plug headphones in, and it has an MP3 input. I use this to plug my phone in and play backing tracks so I can hear myself play along through the headphones. 
One of the best things about this amp is the price. The 10W version starts at just over $100. It also comes in several sizes (10W, 20W and 40W) so you can choose the best version for you.  
blackstar core id amp
Blackstar Core ID Amplifier

Valve Amplifier

Fender Blues Junior

If you’re looking for a great quality valve amplifier, then the Fender Blues Junior series is an excellent choice. It’s true that you can’t really beat the gritty tone of a true valve amplifier, and this amp is a great example of that. 

The amp comes with reverb, master, mids, bass and treble controls. The bass, mids and treble are really useful for dialling in a very specfic tone, without having to use an equaliser pedal. Plus, the reverb control is really useful, I have it on pretty low almost constantly. 

Fender amps have a very vintage and iconic look. So if you want something that looks ultra modern, then this probably isn’t the amp for you. But if you want a classic look to go with the vintage valve amp sound, then you should definitely check this one out. 

Check out the Fender Blues Junior on Guitar Center.