On this page, I’ll list some of my favourite electric guitar gear that I either use currently, or have used in the past. 

Guitar Strap

Heistercamp Guitar Strap

This guitar strap is made of very high quality leather. I have the Super Soft version in black leather with ochre colour lining. All Heistercamp straps are handmade to order, so you can customise them for different heights, as well as choosing the leather and lining colour options.

I was given this guitar strap as a gift and I absolutely love how it was packaged. It came in a black gift box, and had a highland cow key ring (I know, adorable), rubber strap locks and two plectrums included inside. 

It’s the perfect guitar strap to give as a present, or if you just want to treat yourself! Heistercamp are a UK brand, however, they do ship internationally via FedEx. Check out the Heistercamp website to take a look at the range. 

guitar srrap
Heistercamp Super Soft Leather Strap
heistercamp guitar strap
Heistercamp Guitar Strap Box


Jim Dunlop straplocks

I recommend that absolutely every player that uses a guitar strap, should invest in strap locks as well. They’ll help prevent your guitar strap slipping off the strap button which is absolutely vital. The last thing you want, is to get an expensive guitar, and it end up falling on the floor and getting damaged because you didn’t do something so easy like getting straplocks. 

Check out these Jim Dunlop Straplocks on Amazon. 


snark clip on chromatic tuner 

I’ve had this Snark Clip On Tuner for over 8 years now, and it’s still going strong. It’s very easy to use, isn’t too large and annoying to have on the headstock and works really well. 

Check out the Snark Clip On Chromatic Tuner on Amazon. 

Wall Mounts

stagg guitar wall mount

I made the decision a few months ago to start putting my guitars on my wall, instead of on guitar stands on the floor, which take up a lot of space, if you’re prone to collecting guitars like I am! So I went with these Stagg wall mounts which were great value and look really smart. 

They were very easy to install (it took under 10 minutes to install two mounts). I use them for both my electric guitars, and my acoustic. You probably shouldn’t have any trouble with using them for most electric guitars, but just check they are the right size before buying, especially if you’ve got a particularly large acoustic guitar. 

Check out the Stagg Guitar Wall Mount on Amazon. 

wall mount guitar