Ibanez Wizard Neck Guide (Comparing the Different Versions)

Ibanez Wizard necks are hugely popular in the shred scene due to their thin profile, large fingerboard radius and wide fretboard. There are many different types of Wizard necks, all with slightly different specifications so in this article I’ll take you through them all.

Here’s a table highlighting the specifications of the main types.

Ibanez NeckDepth (1st-12th Fret)Width (nut-last fret)Radius
Wizard II0.75”-0.83”1.69-2.20”17”
Wizard III0.75-0.83”1.69-2.28”15.75”
Wizard IV0.75-0.81”1.65-2.20”17”
Super Wizard0.67-0.75”1.69-2.28”17”
Nitro Wizard0.75-0.83”1.69-2.28”15.75”
Parallel Wizard0.75-0.75”1.65-2.24”20”

Ibanez Wizard

The first Ibanez Wizard neck was introduced on the RG550 in 1987 and measured 0.67″ thick at the 1st fret and 0.79″ thick at the 12th fret. It was also 1.69″ wide at the nut, and 1.85″ wide at the last fret, with a 17″ fingerboard radius and 25.5″ scale length.

There have been several generations and variations of the Wizard neck for both 6, 7, 8 and even 9 string electric guitars. The third generation of the Wizard neck was in production for just one year in 2007 and was slightly thicker at the 1st fret and wider at the last fret compared to the original Wizard design.

Here are tables showing every version of the Ibanez Wizard neck, which years they were in production and the specifications.

6-String Guitars

NeckDateDepth (1st-12th Fret)Width (nut-last fret)RadiusScale
Wizard (1st Gen)1987-19930.67-0.79”1.69-1.85”17″25.5″
Wizard (2nd Gen)1997-20020.67-0.79”1.69-2.20”17″25.5″
Wizard (3rd Gen)20070.71-0.79”1.69-2.20”17″25.5″
Wizard 27″2001-20020.71-0.81”1.65-2.24”17″27.0″
Wizard C2021-20230.83-0.87”1.65-2.64”12″25.5″

7+ String Guitars

NeckDateDepth (1st-12th Fret)Width (nut-last fret)RadiusScale
Wizard C-720230.79-0.83”1.85-2.28”15.75″25.5″
Wizard-7 J Custom (1st Gen)19990.75-0.83”1.89-2.60”17″25.5″
Wizard-7 J Custom (2nd Gen)20120.75-0.83”1.89-2.68”17″25.5″
Wizard-7 Premium2011-20210.75-0.83”1.89-2.68”15.75″25.5″
Wizard HP-72015-20160.75-0.83”1.89-2.68”17″25.5″
Wizard-7 27″2001-20020.75-0.83”1.89-2.56”17″27.0″
Wizard-7 Prestige (1st Gen)2001-20020.75-0.83”1.89-2.60”17″25.5″
Wizard-7 Prestige (2nd Gen)2003, 2019-20210.75-0.83”1.89-2.68”17″25.5″
Wizard-7 Prestige RGD (1st Gen)20100.75-0.83”1.89-2.68”15.75″26.5″
Wizard-7 Prestige RGD (2nd Gen)20110.75-0.83”1.89-2.68”17″26.5″
Wizard-7 Prestige RGD (3rd Gen)2017-20210.75-0.83”1.89-2.68”17″26.5″
Wizard-7 27″ Prestige (1st Gen)2003-20040.85-0.91”1.89-2.56”17″27.0″
Wizard-7 27″ Prestige (2nd Gen)2009-20210.75-0.83”1.89-2.60”17″27.0″
Wizard-9 Prestige2014-20160.85-0.93”2.44-3.46”39.375″28.0″

Ibanez Wizard II

The Ibanez Wizard II neck was first introduced in 1997 and was thicker in comparison to the original Wizard. It also had a lower fingerboard radius of 15.75″ making the fretboard feel slightly more curved.

Here are tables showing every version of the Ibanez Wizard II neck, which years they were in production and the specifications.

Ibanez Wizard NeckDateDepth (1st-12th Fret)Width (nut-last fret)RadiusScale
Wizard II (1st Gen)1997-20020.75-0.83”1.69-2.20”15.75″25.5″
Wizard II (2nd Gen)20040.75-0.83”1.69-2.20”15.75″25.5″
Wizard II (3rd Gen)2005-20090.75-0.83”1.69-2.20”15.75″25.5″
Wizard II (4th Gen)20100.75-0.83”1.69-2.20”15.75″25.5″
Wizard II RGD20100.75-0.83”1.69-2.20”15.75″26.5″
Wizard II Prestige2005-20080.75-0.83”1.69-2.20”15.75″25.5″
Wizard II-7 RGD2011, 20210.75-0.83”1.89-2.68”15.75″26.5″
Wizard II-7 (1st Gen)2004-20090.75-0.83”1.89-2.56”15.75″25.5″
Wizard II-7 (2nd Gen)2010-20210.75-0.83”1.89-2.68”15.75″25.5″
Wizard II-7 JBM2016-20210.75-0.83”1.89-2.68”15.75″26.5″
Wizard II-8 (1st Gen)20100.75-0.83”2.17-3.15”15.75″27.0″
Wizard II-8 (2nd Gen)2011-20140.79-0.85”2.17-3.15”15.75″27.0″
Wizard II-8 (3rd Gen)2017-20210.79-0.85”2.17-3.15”15.75″27.0″

Ibanez Wizard III

The Ibanez Wizard III was introduced in 2001. In comparison to the Wizard II, the Wizard III neck had a smaller fretboard radius and narrower nut width, but the same depth.

When comparing the most recent versions of the Ibanez Wizard II and III necks, the depth (0.75-0.83”) and fingerboard radius (15.75″) is the same, however the Wizard III has a wider fretboard towards the body.

Here are tables showing every version of the Ibanez Wizard III neck, which years they were in production and the specifications.

Ibanez Wizard NeckDateDepth (1st-12th Fret)Width (nut-last fret)RadiusScale
Wizard III (1st Gen)20010.75-0.83”1.65-2.20”15.75″25.5″
Wizard III (2nd Gen)2011-20230.75-0.83”1.69-2.28”15.75″25.5″
Wizard III 26.5″20150.75-0.83”1.69-2.24”15.75″26.5″
Wizard III RGD20110.75-0.83”1.69-2.28”15.75″26.5″
Wizard III-XH2013-20140.75-0.83”1.69-2.28”15.75″25.5″
Wizard III DTT20110.75-0.83”1.69-2.24”15.75″25.5″
Wizard III-7 Multi Scale2018-20210.75-0.83”1.89-2.68”15.75″25.5″
Wizard III-8 Multi Scale2018-20210.79-0.85”2.173.15”15.75″25.5″

Ibanez Super Wizard

The Ibanez Super Wizard was introduced in 1996 and is the thinnest Wizard neck available. It has the same fingerboard radius (17″), but has a wider fretboard towards the body compared to the Wizard II and III necks. The Super Wizard has a 1st fret thickness of 0.67″ and 12th fret thickness of 0.75″.

Here are tables showing every version of the Ibanez Super Wizard neck, which years they were in production and the specifications.

NeckDateDepth (1st-12th Fret)Width (nut-last fret)RadiusScale
JCRG Asymmetric Super Wizard2013, 2015-2016, 2018-20220.67-0.81”1.69-2.28”17″25.5″
JCRG Super Wizard20140.67-0.75”1.69-2.28”17″25.5″
RG J Custom Super Wizard (1st Gen)1996-20040.77-0.85”1.69-2.20”17″25.5″
RG J Custom Super Wizard (2nd Gen)2010-20210.67-0.75”1.69-2.28”17″25.5″
Super Wizard (1st Gen)19990.67-0.79”1.69-2.20”17″25.5″
Super Wizard (2nd Gen)2017-20210.67-0.75”1.69-2.28”17″25.5″
Super Wizard J Custom20120.67-0.75”1.69-2.28”17″25.5″
Super Wizard HP Prestige2010-20210.67-0.75”1.69-2.28”17″25.5″
Super Wizard Prestige (1st Gen)2003-20040.67-0.75”1.69-2.20”17″25.5″
Super Wizard Prestige (2nd Gen)20090.67-0.75”1.69-2.28”17″25.5″
RG J Custom Wizard-72010, 2017-20210.75-0.83”1.89-2.68”17″25.5″

Ibanez Nitro Wizard

Ibanez Nitro Wizard necks were introduced in 2013 and have similar specifications to the Wizard II and III neck profiles. Here are tables showing every version of the Ibanez Nitro Wizard neck, which years they were in production and the specifications.

NeckDateDepth (1st-12th Fret)Width (nut-last fret)RadiusScale
Nitro Wizard2013-20210.75-0.83”1.69-2.28”15.75″25.5″
Nitro Wizard Multi Scale2019-20200.75-0.83”1.69-2.28”15.75″25.5″
Nitro Wizard RGD2016-20200.75-0.83”1.69-2.28”15.75″26.5″
Nitro Wizard-72013-20200.75-0.83”1.89-2.68”15.75″25.5″
Nitro Wizard-7 Multi Scale2015-20200.75-0.83”1.89-2.68”15.75″25.5″
Nitro Wizard-7 RGD2018-20210.75-0.83”1.89-2.68”15.75″26.5″
Nitro Wizard-7 XL2019-20210.75-0.83”1.89-2.68”15.75″27.0″
Nitro Wizard-82013-20160.79-0.85”2.17-3.15”15.75″27.0″
Nitro Wizard-8 Multi Scale2015-20180.79-0.85”2.17-3.15”15.75″25.5″
Nitro Wizard-92019-20210.85-0.93”2.44-3.46”37.375″28.0″

Other Ibanez Necks

NeckDateDepth (1st-12th Fret)Width (nut-last fret)RadiusScale
Wizard IV2000-20020.75-0.81”1.65-2.20”17”25.5″
Parallel Wizard2021-20230.75-0.75”1.65-2.24”20”25.5″
Parallel Wizard-72021-20230.75-0.75”1.85-2.64”20”25.5″

Why Are Ibanez Wizard Necks Popular?

Ibanez Wizard necks are ideal for shredding as they have a:

  • Very shallow depth (0.75-0.83″ on average)
  • Large fingerboard radius, hence a flatter fretboard (15.75-17″ on average)
  • Wide fretboard (1.69-2.28″ on average)
  • Extra jumbo frets which make it easier to fret and bend the strings
  • Unfinished, matte texture to make them feel faster

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