How Much Guitar Lessons Cost: All Options Compared

If you’re just starting out learning to play an electric, acoustic or classic guitar, or you’re looking to take your playing to the next level, investing in guitar lessons is a great option. But how much do guitar lessons cost, and are they worth it?

Average Cost of Guitar Lessons in the USA

Guitar lessons in the USA cost an average of $50-60 for a 45 minute session in a studio, working out at approximately $1.20 per minute of tuition. Online guitar lessons are cheaper, costing roughly $35-40 per 45 minutes whilst lessons at your own home cost an average of $70-80.

Guitar Lesson TypeAverage Cost
Online$35 to $40
Studio$50 to $60
At home$70 to $80
Cost of guitar lessons in the USA taken from an average of 40 guitar tutors on across 10 different states, for a 45 minute lesson.

The area you live in will also dictate the cost of the lessons. Regions such as California and New York typically will charge around $80 per lesson, whether it is at home or in a studio.

Average Cost of Guitar Lessons in the UK

Guitar lessons cost an average of £25 per hour session in a studio in the UK. Online guitar lessons are cheaper, costing roughly £20 per hour, whilst at-home lessons will typically cost £30 per hour of tuition. Shorter 45 minute sessions cost an average of £20 in a studio.

Guitar Lesson TypeAverage Cost
At home£30
Cost of guitar lessons in the UK taken from an average of 25 guitar tutors across 8 regions, for a 60 minute session.

The region you live in will also dictate the cost of the guitar lessons. Typically areas such as the North West, North East, Wales and Scotland are cheaper for guitar tuition, with in-person lessons usually starting at around £18 per hour. More expensive areas include London, Somerset, Oxford and Cambridge often charge around £30 per hour session.

Online vs Face-to-Face Lessons

Online guitar lessons over Zoom and Skype have become increasingly popular recently as they offer a convenient solution for both tutors and students. Since online lessons do not include any travel time for the tutor or student, nor does the tutor need to provide any equipment, they are often much cheaper than in-person lessons.

Often, online guitar lessons are around 20-30% cheaper than in-person lessons, costing around $15 less per 45 minute session. However, there are some drawbacks to online guitar tutoring. It can be more challenging to provide high-quality lessons as there is less interaction, it’s harder for the tutor to demonstrate skills and internet connections can sometimes be an issue.

Online guitar lessons are cheaper than face-to-face guitar tuition, costing around 20-30% less per session. Online lessons are also more convenient as they do not involve any travel. However, in-person guitar lessons often make it easier for the tutor to provide feedback and demonstrations.

Online LessonsIn-Person Lessons
20-30% cheaperMore opportunity to provide feedback
No travel involvedEasier to demonstrate skills
Most convenient optionAccess to equipment
Online vs face-to-face guitar lessons.

Group vs Private Lessons

Another way to reduce the cost of guitar tuition, is to get involved in a group session, instead of one-to-one lessons. These are typically around 20% cheaper than private lessons and can be taught in a studio setting. However, it will mean you get less attention, so may reduce the quality of the session. On the flip side, it can give you some valuable opportunities to learn from the other students in your group as well as your tutor.

Private LessonsGroup Lessons
More opportunity for feedbackCheapest option
Tailored lessonsOpportunity to learn from other students
Private vs group guitar lessons.

Studio vs Home Lessons

Another option you will need to make if you’re going for in-person guitar lessons, is whether you want them to be at your house, or if you are willing to travel to a guitar tutor’s studio. Studio lessons are typically $10-15 cheaper than at-home lessons as the tutor needs to cover travel expenses. Having your lessons at home also means you don’t have easy access to any extra equipment that the guitar tutor can provide for the duration of your lesson.

Studio LessonsAt-Home Lessons
Cheapest optionCan choose the best time for you
Access to more equipment No travel involved
Studio vs at-home guitar lessons.

Guitar Lesson Websites and Courses

You don’t just have to go with the traditional option of guitar lessons with an instructor. There are loads of online courses and membership websites that offer a range of lessons and features to help you learn guitar.

A great option is Guitar Tricks which gives you access to over 11,000 lessons and access to lessons for over 1,000 specific songs with new releases on a weekly basis. It works on a subscription basis and also gives you the option to a trial so you can try it and see if you enjoy it before paying anything. Check out this link to Guitar Tricks to find out more.

Here are the pros and cons of online guitar tuition courses vs lessons led by a tutor.

Membership WebsitesPrivate tutors
Often much cheaperMore access to feedback
Large library of lessons on techniques and songsPersonalised lessons
No travel involved 
Learn and practice at any time 
Online guitar membership websites vs private guitar lessons.

Free Options for Guitar Tutoring

If you want to improve your guitar playing ability completely for free, then YouTube is a great option. Here are links to some of the channels that I watch to help me improve my playing.

I also created this website Pro Sound HQ, to help guitarists improve their skills and learn more about the instrument. Head over to the Playing Tips section of my website to get tonnes of info, or have a look at my Amp Settings Guides if you’re struggling to dial in your tone. I also have a Sound Like section, which gives you plenty of tips to help sound like some of the most popular guitarists.

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