How Much Guitar Amps Cost (All Types With 50+ Examples)

If you’re interested in learning to play the electric or electro-acoustic guitar, or want to upgrade your current rig, then you’re probably wondering how much you need to spend in order to get a good amplifier. In this article, I’ll go through the average price of guitar amps, why some cost more than others, and help you decide what price bracket you should be looking at.

The Quick Answer

Guitar amplifiers usually cost between $50-200 for beginners, and can cost several thousands for professionals. Tube amps usually cost between $500-3000, whilst good quality solid state amps cost between $100-1000. High wattage amps (over 75W) often cost over $500.

I’ve split this article down into the main amp types: combo and stack.

For beginners, a combo amp is best, but intermediate and advanced players may be interested in both. Combo amps are the most popular option and have an all-in-one design. Combo amps are usually cheaper to purchase, whilst stack amps give you more flexibility to pair different choices of cabinet and head units together to get different sounds.

Stack amps are made up of two components: head unit (processes the sound) and the cabinet (speaker).

Here’s an image to show the difference.

Combo amplifier
Stack amplifer

Combo Amp Prices and Features Compared

Combo amps do what they say on the tin, and combine the technical part of the amp that processes the sound, and the speaker unit into one “combo” amp. Combo amps are popular with beginners but can also be used in professional settings as they are easier to transport than stack amplifiers.

I’ve compared the prices and specifications of over 30 popular amps that cater for beginners, intermediate players and professionals in the tables below so you can see what you get for your money at the different price points.

Starter Electric Guitar Amps

Beginner guitar amps usually cost between $40-200. Low wattage amps produced by lesser-known brands typically will cost under $100. For well-known brands, or wattage in the 15-30W range, amps will usually cost between $100-200. All amps in this price range will very likely be solid-state models.

Rogue G10$4010WSolid StateCombo
Rogue V15G$6515WSolid StateCombo
Fender Frontman 10G 10W$8010WSolid StateCombo
Orange Crush12$10012WSolid StateCombo
Marshall MG10G$10010WSolid StateCombo
Peavey Backstage 10W$10010WSolid StateCombo
Marshall MG15$12015WSolid StateCombo
Fender Champion 20$13020WSolid StateCombo
Blackstar ID: Core 10$13010WSolid StateCombo
Line 6 Spider V 20$15020WSolid StateCombo
Roland CUBE-10GX$15010WSolid StateCombo
Orange Crush 20RT$19010WSolid StateCombo
Blackstar ID: Core 40$20040WSolid StateCombo
Starter electric guitar amp average price and features.

Mid-Range Combo Amps

Mid-range combo amps in the $250 to $750 price range usually will either be solid-state amps with at least 30W, or tube amps with low wattage. If you are looking for a high wattage tube amp, then you may need to spend more than this.

Fender Mustang 50XL$25050WSolid StateCombo
Laney LX35R$29035WSolid StateCombo
Vox Cambridge50$30050WTubeCombo
Peavey Vypyr X3 100W$350100WSolid StateCombo
Line 6 Spider Jam 75W$40075WSolid StateCombo
Orange Crush Pro CR60C$50060WSolid StateCombo
Marshall Origin20C$55020WTubeCombo
Fender Blues Junior 20W$60020WTubeCombo
Mid-range combo electric guitar amp average price and features.

High-End Combo Amps

High-end combo amplifiers aimed at professionals usually cost around $1000-2000. Amps in this price range will either be exclusively tube (valve) amps, or have very high wattage for gigging. Professional amplifiers from well-known brands can upwards $3000.

Orange Rocker 15$80015WTubeCombo
Marshall DSL40CR$80040WTubeCombo
Vox AC15C1X$90015WTubeCombo
Roland Blues Cube Artist$98080WSolid StateCombo
Fender Bassbreaker 45W$100045WTubeCombo
Fender 68 Custom Pro Reverb$130040WTubeCombo
Laney GH50R-212$165050WTubeCombo
Marshall JMV205C$260050WTubeCombo
Fuchs Wildcard$2900100WTubeCombo
High-end combo electric guitar amp average price and features.

Stack Amp Prices and Features Compared

Stack amps are made up of two pieces of equipment: the head, and the cabinet. The head-unit processes the sound of the guitar but does not produce the sound on its own. You also need a cabinet (also known as a speaker) which allows the sound to be heard at volume. Stacks amps are popular amongst professionals because it allows you to use different combinations of speakers for different venues.

Stack amplifiers usually cost more than combo amps because they include separate head and cabinet unit. Head units start at around $200 and cabinets start at around $100, making the combined entry-level cost of stack amplifiers at least $300. However, it can cost several thousands for high-end amps.

Check out my comparison between stack and combo amps if you’re unsure which option is best for you.

I’ve compared some of the most popular guitar amp heads and cabinets in terms of their prices and specifications in the table below so you can see the differences as the prices increase.

Guitar Amplifier Heads

Vox MV50$22050WTubeHead
Boss Katana KTN$350100WSolid StateHead
Marshall Origin20H$45020WTubeHead
Orange Crush Pro CR120H$450120WSolid StateHead
Randall RX120RH$550120WSolid StateHead
Blackstar HT-20RH$60020WTubeHead
Orange DT30H$90030WTubeHead
Marshall DSL100HR$950100WTubeHead
Laney GH50R$120050WTubeHead
Randall RD100H$2000100WTubeHead
Guitar amplifier heads average price and features.

Guitar Amplifier Cabinets (Speakers)

Orange PPC108$10020WCabinet
Blackstar Super Fly Act$12012WCabinet
Kustom Defender$15030WCabinet
Kustom KG412$230120WCabinet
Fender Bassbreaker$25070WCabinet
Marshall CODE 412$300200WCabinet
Blackstar HT212$400160WCabinet
Orange PPC21OB 2×12$600120WCabinet
Marshall JMVC212 2X12$900150WCabinet
Friedman 412$1300170WCabinet
Marshall 1960v$1650280WCabinet
Guitar amplifier cabinets average price and features.

Mini Amplifiers

Mini, or micro, guitar amps are often used for bedroom practice, or when you’re on the go. They often have very low-wattage so are much quieter than standard amplifiers. Here are some of the most popular mini guitar amps, their price and wattage compared.

Mini guitar amps usually cost between $40-150. The price is dictated primarily by the wattage, however is also affected by the brand and model of amp it is based on. Miniature versions of very well-known amplifiers will typically cost slightly more.

Mini Guitar Amps

Fender Mini Deluxe$381W
Fender Mini ’65 Twin$501W
Marshall Micro Stack$551W
Orange Crush Mini$703W
Blackstar Fly Mini$703W
Boss KTN-MINI Katana$1007W
Vox 3W$1503W
Roland Micro Cube GX$1653W
Average price of popular mini (micro) guitar amps.
Mini amp

Acoustic Amp Cost

As a general rule, acoustic amps cost between $100-500 for a combo setup. Acoustic guitar amplifiers cost upwards of $80 for an entry-level amp aimed at beginners. Some combo amps designed specifically for acoustic-electric guitars can cost up to $3000.

Here is a table to show what specifications you can expect to get for your money if you are looking for a combo acoustic amp.

Acoustic A15$8015W
Fender Acoustasonic 15$10015W
Laney LA10$11010W
Fender Acoustasonic 40$20040W
Blackstar Acouscore30$20030W
Acoustic A40$30040W
Orange Crush Acoustic 30$40030W
Blackstar Sonnet 120$580120W
Fishman Loudbox Performer$850180W
Average price of popular acoustic guitar amps.

What Affects the Cost of a Guitar Amp?

The main factors that affect the cost of a guitar amp are: wattage, technology, brand, the number of effects included, and whether it is a combo or stack type amp. Tube (valve) amps with high wattage are the most expensive, whilst solid-state amps are often much cheaper for high power models.

  • Tube (valve) vs Solid State: solid-state amps are cheaper and use electronic transistors to amplify the sound. Tube amps use vacuum tubes (valves) instead. Tube amps are usually more expensive. Make sure you check my in-depth guide comparing solid state and tube amplifiers so you can decide which is the best option for you.
  • Wattage: the louder the amp, the most expensive it usually is.
  • Combo vs Stack: combo amps typically work out cheaper than stack amplifiers as you only need to purchase one piece of equipment, but with stack amps you’ll need both a head unit and cabinet.
  • Effects: usually, the more built-in effects e.g. reverb, chorus, delay, tremolo etc., the more expensive the amp will be.
  • Brand: lesser-known brands may produce amps of a similar specification to popular brands for much cheaper.

How Much Should I Spend on a Guitar Amp?

If you are a complete beginner, spending around $100-150 on a guitar amp will get you a good model to practice with. If you are looking to use your amp for gigging or recording, you will likely need to spend between $300-600 for a better amplifier.

It’s all down to preference and budget though. Think about what type of amp you want (combo or stack), the technology (tube or solid-state) and how many watts you’ll need and go from there.

In the market for a new amplifier? Check out my complete amplifier buyer’s guide to help narrow down your selection and find the perfect amp for you.

If you’re looking for a Marshall amp, check out my complete guide to the range and cost of the different models to learn more.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some questions you might still have about the cost of guitar amplifiers.

Are amps more expensive than electric guitars?

Beginner-level amplifiers are usually around $50 cheaper than entry-level guitars. As the specifications of the guitar and amps increase, the price points become more similar. It is not uncommon to see professional amplifiers costing significantly more than the guitar being used.

Should I spend more on an amp or guitar?

I’ve written a full article on this topic to help address this question and decide the answer based on the skill-level and budget available.

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