How Much Does a PRS Guitar Cost? Comparing Models and Price

PRS are a very popular brand who make electric, acoustic and bass guitars, but their range is so extensive that it can be hard to figure out how much you need to spend to get the model you want. In this article, I’ll take you through the cost of different guitars in the PRS range and explain the differences between them.

The Quick Answer

PRS electric guitars cost between $650 and $5000 in the USA on average. The cheapest models are in the SE-line, followed by the American-made S2 and CE lines and finally the most expensive USA Core line. The most expensive models are the PRS Ten Top guitars which start at around $4200. In the UK, PRS guitars start at approximately £525 and range up to £5000.

PRS Ranges

PRS divide their range into 4 lines (from lowest to highest):

  • SE
  • S2
  • CE
  • Core

Guitars in the SE line are made in Asia, and the S2, CE and Core lines are made in the USA. As the price increases, the main things to improve are:

  • The maple top quality
  • Pickup quality
  • Hardware quality
  • Manufacturing quality control

I’ve written a full guide comparing the PRS and PRS SE lines if you are looking for some more detail.

In the SE, S2 and Core lines, you’ll notice that some models are called “standard” and some are called “custom”. The difference being that the Custom models have a more premium curved maple top compared to the flat maple top on the Standard models.

PRS LineUSA Price RangeUK Price Range


  • PRS SE Electric Guitars
  • PRS S2 Electric Guitars
  • PRS CE Electric Guitars
  • PRS Core Electric Guitars
  • PRS Acoustic Guitars
  • PRS Bass Guitars

In each section you’ll find a table with pretty much every currently available PRS guitar’s price and features. The prices are all based on an average from multiple stores at the time of writing.

PRS SE Electric Guitars

The entry-level electric guitars in the PRS are the SE models which are made in Asia. PRS SE electric guitars cost between $650 and $1200 on average in the USA, and £500 and £1000 in the UK. They are aimed at players with some level of experience looking to upgrade from their starter guitar.

Despite being the cheapest models in the range, the SE guitars are very well-built and come with very nice finishes. However, the finishes are not as dramatic as the more expensive models and they have a flatter and thinner maple veneer top instead of a thicker curved cap on the American models.

PRS GuitarPrice (USA)Price (UK)OriginCutawayBody
SE Standard 24$650£525 IndonesiaDoubleSolid
SE 245 Standard$680£525 IndonesiaSingleSolid
SE Tremonti$700£525 IndonesiaSingleSolid
SE Starla$730£525 IndonesiaSingleSolid
SE Mira$730£600IndonesiaSingleSolid
SE 245$730£700IndonesiaSingleSolid
SE Tremonti Custom$800£800South KoreaSingleSolid
SE Custom 22$800£800IndonesiaDoubleSolid
SE Carlos Santana$830£750South KoreaDoubleSolid
SE Custom 24$850£850IndonesiaDoubleSolid
SE Zach Myers$850£800IndonesiaSingleSemi-Hollow
SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow$880£850 South KoreaDoubleSemi-Hollow
SE Santana Singlecut$880£700 South KoreaSingleSolid
SE Custom 24-08$930£900IndonesiaDoubleSolid
SE Mark Holcomb$990£950South KoreaDoubleSolid
SE Hollowbody Standard$1030£900ChinaDoubleHollow
SE Custom 24 Floyd$1050£1000IndonesiaDoubleSolid
SE Paul’s Guitar$1050£975IndonesiaDoubleSolid
SE Mark Holcomb 7-string$1050£1000IndonesiaDoubleSolid
SE Hollowbody II$1200£1000ChinaDoubleHollow
Average price of PRS SE electric guitars

PRS S2 Electric Guitars

PRS S2 electric guitars cost between $1400 and $2000 on average in the USA and between £1100 and £1900 in the UK. Guitars in the S2 range are a step-up from the SE range because they are made in the USA, however the finishes are not as premium compared to the CE and Core series.

The S2 line is great for players who still have a significant budget, but don’t want to pay over double for the top-of-the-line American made PRS models. Most shapes are available in this series.

PRS GuitarPrice (USA)Price (UK)OriginCutawayBody
S2 Standard 22$1400£1100AmericaDoubleSolid
S2 Standard 24$1400£1100AmericaDoubleSolid
S2 Vela$1400£1250AmericaDoubleSolid
S2 McCarty 594 Thinline$1500£1650AmericaDoubleSolid
S2 Vela Semi-Hollow$1500£1300AmericaDoubleSemi-Hollow
S2 Custom 24$1650£1600AmericaDoubleSolid
S2 McCarty 594$1900£1800AmericaDoubleSolid
S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow$1930£1900AmericaDoubleSemi-Hollow
Average price of PRS S2 electric guitars

PRS CE Electric Guitars

The PRS CE range standards for “classic electric” and the guitars cost more than the S2 line but are not as expensive as the USA core line. CE guitars are made in America and the main difference between them and the other guitars in the PRS range, are that the CE models have a bolt-on neck construction (instead of a set neck).

PRS GuitarPrice (USA)Price (UK)OriginCutawayBody
CE 24$2300£2000 AmericaDoubleSolid
CE 24 Semi-Hollow$2400£2200AmericaDoubleSemi-Hollow
Average price of PRS CE electric guitars

PRS Core Electric Guitars

The Core line is made up of the most premium models that PRS offer, excluding the custom shop. These guitars have the more premium finishes are are made with the most attention to detail and using the most expensive woods, pickups and hardware.

The PRS Core line starts at around $2500 in the USA and £2500 in the UK. The “Ten Top” models have the most premium maple tops and start at around $4200 in the USA and £4500 in the UK.

PRS GuitarPrice (USA)Price (UK)OriginCutawayBody
Silver Sky$2550£2500AmericaDoubleSolid
DW CE 24 Floyd$2650£2400AmericaDoubleSolid
Custom 22$3600£3500AmericaDoubleSolid
McCarty 594 Semi-Hollow$3800£4300AmericaSingleSemi-Hollow
Custom 24$3850£3600AmericaDoubleSolid
Custom 24-08$3900£3800AmericaDoubleSemi-Hollow
Custom 22 10 Top$4200£4500AmericaDoubleSolid
Custom 24 10 Top$4500£4500AmericaDouble SolidSolid
Average price of PRS Core electric guitars

Check out my in-depth comparison of PRS lines to learn more:

PRS Acoustic Guitars

PRS make a range of SE acoustic guitars which range between $500 and $1150 in the USA and £400 and £850 in the UK. There are three shapes available, parlour (smallest), angelus cutaway (mid-sized) and tonare (largest) which are denoted by the letters at the start of the model name.

PRS GuitarPrice (USA)Price (UK)Acoustic ElectricShape
SE P20$500£400NoParlor
SE P20E$580£500YesParlor
SE T40E$750£550YesTonare
SE A40E$800£600YesAngelus Cutaway
SE T50E$850£650YesTonare
SE A50E$950£750YesAngelus Cutaway
SE TE60$1050£800YesTonare
SE AE60$1150£850YesAngelus Cutaway
Average price of PRS acoustic guitars

PRS Bass Guitars

PRS SE bass guitars cost around $880-$1030 in the USA and £960 in the UK. There are also 4 and 5-string variants of the American-made bass guitar, the Gary Grainger which start from $3500 in the USA and £4800 in the UK.

PRS BassPrice (USA)Price (UK)Strings
SE Kestrel$880£9004
SE Kingfisher$1030£9604
Gary Grainger 4-String$3500N/A4
Gary Grainger 5-String$4800£48005
Average price of PRS bass guitars

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